Sunday, October 30, 2016

Amazing Character Portrait

The Der Hexenkessel players commissioned a tremendous portrait of their characters by amazing artist Mark Bulahao:

(Left to right: Adolf, Raz, Kat, and Letta, depicted in von Siegen's library).

Furthermore, in an act of astonishing generosity and goodwill, they gifted their humble GM with a framed print of same, shown here on the wall of my home...

This was a surprising and touching gift that literally moved me to tears. I can't thank the group enough!

Der Hexenkessel (Savage Worlds) - Mystery Mercs

The heroes search for clues that might draw them closer to the villain who cursed von Siegen. Also, an alchemist with a house kobold is encountered.

Der Hexenkessel (Savage Worlds) - Poppets And Prophecies

The heroes face crises on multiple fronts when a deadly curse strikes and an ally is shattered by a horrifying vision.

Der Hexenkessel (Savage Worlds) - The Armory Ball

The Ravensburg Armory Christmas Ball is held, bringing good food, good gossip, great dancing... and hidden peril.

Der Hexenkessel (Savage Worlds) - In Which A Cookie Slurry Is Contemplated

The seemingly straightforward task of getting a child to eat a cookie turns out to be much more complex than anticipated.