Monday, November 30, 2015

Episode 1: Der Hexenkessel (Savage Worlds)

In the inaugural episode of the Legit Use of the Mule Podcast, the Savage Worlds campaign "Der Hexenkessel" is joined in medias res. The heroes find themselves in the mountains of the County of the Tyrol, meet a strange stranger, and seek to strike back at a mysterious foe...

You can also download this podcast via iTunes.

The Mules Welcome You!

Hello, All!

Welcome to the Legit Use of the Mule RPG Actual Play Podcast! The Legit Mules are a group of tabletop RPG players in Minnesota and Texas, and we would like to invite you to virtually join us, through the magic of compressed sound files and the internet, as we pursue our favorite hobby.

The first episode of the pod is now available for download via iTunes. (The streaming's a little wonky at the moment, but we're working on it.)

This blog will serve as a forum for the Legit Mules to share thoughts about RPGs in general, the campaigns and systems we are running in particular, and really anything else related to gaming--dice, minis, snacks. We pass around the (figurative) GM's hat--only one of us has a literal GM's hat--and we plan to share duty posting on this blog, as well. Some players from the other side of the screen might chip in from time to time also.

My name is Chris, and I will be GMing the inaugural episodes of the Legit Use of the Mule Pod, as I run a custom setting called Der Hexenkessel (using the Savage Worlds system) for Kelly, Lori, Gregg, and Mark. We maintain an Obsidian Portal page for the campaign, which is open for the public to view... you can find it here.

You can email us at, and follow us on Twitter (@legitmulerpg).

We hope you enjoy the pod!